On March 23, 2015, Kate created a profile on Okcupid.

Some 300 opening messages later, she's been on a whopping 15 dates.

Kate likes women. This feeling does not appear to be mutual.

Clearly, she is doing something right.

Sigmoid Freud

"You must be a huge fan of colonoscopy videos."

On her profile she'd quipped, "I only like movies with colons in them apparently." This led to date #11, so all in all it was appositive experience.










*1. An appositive colon separates the subtitle of a work from its principal title (e.g. Star Wars: The Force Awakens). It's always nice to punctuate a joke with a bit of knowledge.
*2. There's an anal retentive joke in here somewhere as well, but I refuse to make it because this blog has standards!

lol "Sigmoid" Freud.

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